Isn’t it sadly ironic that the largest minority group in America, who fought hard for the right to vote, remains deeply divided about the presidential aspirations of one of their own? In 2012 exit polling numbers showed that women accounted for 53% of ballots cast, which means, they were overwhelmingly responsible for keeping the Democratic Party in power. In an era when it’s a foregone conclusion that women are equally capable of doing as good or better job than men in most undertakings, Hillary’s ambitions hangs in the balance.

Correct me if I am wrong, as I recall it wasn’t so long ago that Bill Clinton was hailed as the Democrat president who worked with Republicans across the aisle to implement some of the most draconian legislation in post-modern America. This was legislation that decimated the economic and social safety net for many poor Americans, exploded the prison population and facilitated Federal and State aggression on communities of color reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s.

Republicans loved Bill until they impeached him for behavior similar to those “the chump” is accused of. That was short –lived Bill balanced the budget, a sleight of hand deal which made the Republicans look good as they took partial credit for that achievement. There was no doubt that the Clinton presidency seemed to benefit the country economically, but my view is that a president’s term should be judged by two major factors: what conditions they inherited and what conditions they left in their wake. I raised those issues to underscore the hypocrisy of both the electorate and the political leaders of our great republic. You all loved Bill Clinton and hailed him as one of the best politicians of our time, misinformed black folks even called him the first Black president because he jammed with Arsenio Hall’s band playing the saxophone; then, you all loved Hillary Clinton after her loss to Barack Obama in 2008, her approval ratings shot up to 63% at one point, making her one of the most popular world leaders at the time..

America, I am talking to you, do you remember why you loved Hillary then? Was it because you saw how effective, tough, determined and resilient she was as a campaigner against the young senator Barack Obama? Was it because you saw the heart and soul of a woman who had been embroiled in controversy most of her life, (largely due to the indiscretions, secrecy and duplicity of her husband) a woman whose work and advocacy on behalf of the poor was undeniable?

Despite the” slings and arrows” she prevailed, shouldn’t other women be encouraged by the fact that she refused to make her marriage another statistic, but instead upheld the sanctity of marriage in keeping with American Christian values? It would seem not, the fundamentalist, bible-thumping hypocrites are the ones who still accuse Hillary of being an enabler. Well folks you can’t have your cake and eat it. Your blatant and unforgivable hypocrisy will haunt you for the rest of your living days, because you have empowered a man who will remain America’s worst nightmare for years to come.

The “chump” and the likes of Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani are the political versions of Larry, Curly and Moe, except they are far more dangerous and definitely not funny. Between them they have crafted a narrative on Hillary that is so poisonous, vitriolic and toxic, that the once perceived esprit de corps in presidential politics is now a thing of the past. The personal animus and divisive rhetoric that the Toxic Three have injected in this campaign is something for the history books. Now, in addition to their personal inadequacies and serial failures in relationships,  we now have to deal with their collective strategy of, slander, misinformation and dumbing down of the political discourse.

What do these fools expect? They have literally set the barn on fire, with all the livestock and hay, they are burning the barn (America) down. They are drunk with ambition for power and authority to the extent that they are remorseless and shameless, their nihilistic approach reflects much of the blind populism that is overtaking large parts of Europe. Their fear is that the Black and Brown masses are taking over their countries, totally unaware that this new migration is the result of Britain’s old colonial policies and America’s more recent expansionist policies, they blame the victims.

Hillary is a threat, because her candidacy will deal the final death blow to the “White old boy network,” the Obama presidency dealt the first blow and the white power structure is seething, frothing and chomping on the bit in disbelief and consternation. The minorities are taking America from them, which explains their anger and xenophobia.

Before “the chump” and his team say another word about “draining the swamp” in Washington, I have some advice for them, don’t go near that swamp, the disgruntled members of the GOP are laying in wait to drown you and your populist ambitions.

In the meantime America, get over your hypocritical, resentful selves, this country has been presided over by 43* men thus far, its time that Post-Modern America assert its maturity and emotional intelligence by electing the most qualified candidate for its president – Hillary Clinton, Imperfect but Human.

*Grover Cleveland was elected twice as our 22nd and 24th President.




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