Ask almost any Jamaican and they can tell you the names and pedigrees of every major Patty maker since that item was introduced into the Jamaican food chain. The humble patty, which has now gone international, had, as one of its earliest pioneers the famous Bruce’s Patties originally in Cross Roads, St. Andrew, Jamaica. That recipe never made its way to America, but an enterprising Jamerican who had much respect for the Bruce’s Patty legend decided to reproduce as closely as possible the Bruce’s Patty mythology. It goes without saying that the scorching heat of a Jamaican Bruce’s patty in today’s America would be cause for litigation.

So when the Original Brucee’s Patties located at 9509 Church Avenue in Brooklyn reproduced the Bruce’s mythology, the overwhelming heat was replaced by spicy flavor and a rich, flaky crust. In today’s America most fast food products are pushed from an automated assembly line, while the Original Brucee’s of Church Avenue in Brooklyn fame continue the tradition of handmade patties, which ensures the originality of the flavor and texture. Chicken patties contain real chicken, Beef patties contain real beef and Salmon patties contain real salmon. In today’s fast food culture – that’s original!

When you reminisce on how patties used to taste before assembly lines, Brucee’s is where you’ll find it. The owners of Brucee’s – Desmond and Emilia Patterson believe in recreating the adage: ‘Old time something come back again’, which is why their pastries are reminiscent of old Jamaica, old Guyana, old St. Vincent, old Trinidad and old Barbados, almost exactly the type of pastries your mother or grandmother used to bake, those tasty pastries you grew up eating. In order to remain true and relevant to their roots, Brucee’s employees are representative of the wide variety of islands of the Caribbean.

Brucee’s reputation as caterers for big and small events is well known, they are distinguished by their reliability and reasonable prices, that, along with the variety of their pastries, Spice buns, Duck bread, and Coco bread including Wedding, Birthday and Fondant cakes. When you yearn for pastries you haven’t had for a long time, like Gizadas, Sugar Buns and so many others, Brucee’s is where it’s at.

Boasting a long family tradition in the patty and pastry business, Desmond was the original owner of the former Tasteee Pattees on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica, Queens, New York for over 17 years. The Original Brucee’s is a well-managed and organized family business, operating since 1999 under the steady hand and watchful eyes of Desmond and Emilia his wife who is a trained attorney turned entrepreneur. The Brucee’s brand is known for giving back to its community to such institutions as: church, schools, not for profit enterprises and community centers. Brucee’s has a client list of celebrities which includes Patrick Ewing, former Knicks basketball star, former Mayor Bloomberg as well as Gracie Mansion, Whereitzat Magazine & The BIG Awards.

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