NEW YORK— New York. It was time to ‘give the drummer some’ at the Symphony space at 95th Street and Broadway this past Saturday night (2/2/19).

The Asase Yaa African American Dance Theatre ‘brought the house down’ with drummers of all ages at their performance of “Drum Love.”

Ringing in Black History Month with the ‘Wakanda spirit,’ “Drum Love” is a performance that tells the love story of family, community and the rights of passage.

Drum Love tells the story of a young girl who returns to Africa and enters into a love triangle. After an unexpected pregnancy, she receives condemnation from her family and must now figure out who is the father of her unborn child.

As the young woman deals with the heavy dilemma, the cultural rhythm of the drums kept the audience spirited throughout the presentation.

With the African tradition of ‘Spraying’, (tossing of dollar bills on stage) the audience flocked to the stage in showing their appreciation as the younger generation of drummers showcases their talents.

In the end, the young girl finally finds out who is the father of her child. She reunites with her family and finally receives the love and support of not only her family but also her friends and community. Let the drums play…

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