Fred Raphael, Owner, Rebel Restaurant & Bar is a 2023 B.I.G. Awards Honoree

Fred Raphael is a remarkable entrepreneur who has demonstrated his ability to seamlessly integrate his passion for food, culture, finance, and art into his businesses and community efforts. As an immigrant to the United States, he has a unique perspective on the importance of education and has made it a priority to share his knowledge and experience with others. Through his two restaurants, First Republic and Rebel, Raphael has created spaces where people can come together to enjoy great food, music, and culture. He has shown that these seemingly disparate interests can be combined in innovative ways to create something truly special. In addition to his work in the restaurant industry, Raphael is also committed to building communities through the arts.

He recognizes the important role that music, theater, and other cultural activities can play in bringing people together and promoting understanding and appreciation across different backgrounds and cultures. With over a decade of experience in the food and entertainment industry, Raphael has honed his skills in managing multiple artists and promoting cultural events. He understands the importance of bringing people together through the arts and creating opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

In addition to his work in the arts and entertainment industry, Raphael is also actively involved in building communities through his nonprofit organization, Creole Image. This organization is focused on supporting grassroots organizations in Haiti and highlighting pioneers within the community who are making a positive impact on society. Through Creole Image, Raphael organizes a gala event that celebrates individuals who are working towards bettering their communities. This event serves as a platform to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations to collaborate and create positive change.

Overall, Fred Raphael is an inspiring example of an entrepreneur who is making a difference in the world. His passion for food, culture, finance, and education has enabled him to build successful businesses and make meaningful contributions to his community, both in the United States and abroad.

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