The Freedom Party Celebrates Over 20 Years of Old School Anthems and Over 1000 Events 

The Freedom Party® is one of the most popular hip-hop centric events in New York City.  On a monthly basis, the event brings out over 1000 attendees to hear the musical bliss of hip hop mixed with R&B, pop, rock, reggae, dancehall, and disco. Many people flock to each event because of the enthralling energy of the one and only DJ Herbert, who rocks the party from start to finish.  

In 2003, DJ Herbert started The Freedom Party® with the goal of attracting all ethnicities, races, creeds, and colors, across the world. This is exactly what happened! The event has captured the attention of the world and media such winning Papermag’s award for Best Party (People’s Choice), receiving an honorable mention in URB Magazine’s Best Party nationwide in 2010, and garnering Village Voice’s highly coveted award for Best Dance Party in 2015, which was just the beginning. 

Not only is The Freedom Party® a New York gem, but also the party has traveled to cities such as Philadelphia as a monthly event along with Los Angeles, Atlanta, DC, Cleveland, and Tokyo.  With such a vibe to each night, it’s a no-brainer as to why so many people subscribe to the events and have earned The Freedom Party® its title of the most sought-after dance floor each month. 

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