Why Them?

The local businesses featured on our January Cover represents a sample of community businesses that have invested money, time and expertise locally, to provide their communities quality products and services for their convenience.

The businesses seen here represent the cream of the crop in their respective communities and have consistently supported community activities and events for decades. They are trailblazers and innovators in a business environment that offers very little incentives to survive and thrive; they face overwhelming real estate prices, exorbitant rents, declining consumer support and too often, insensitive enforcement.

Our role at Whereitzat Magazine and The American Leadership Foundation is to shine a spotlight on these businesses, highlight their importance, advocate for their protection, encouraging them to provide optimum service to their customers and market that quality of service to the community. This will be achieved under the banner, “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BIZ™,” a solely owned domain of The American Leadership Foundation & Whereitzat Magazine. I encourage you to continue supporting these and other local businesses because they are the lifeblood of our communities and are unreservedly invested in their commitment to serve you.

*A WARNING TO OUR READERS AND ADVERTISERS*: We expect that our competitors will attempt to copy our business development plan, so be watchful for those who attempt to duplicate our mission and platform.

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