Caribbean News – Former Prostitute In Barbados Does Not Support Prostitution

A former prostitute who is now an independent political candidate for The City of Bridgetown, Barbados, says she does not support prostitution.

Natalie Harewood stressed recently that she is no longer a prostitute and wants to help young women from getting into that line of business.

“I am not supporting prostitution in my country,” Harewood said recently. This is what I am trying to stop, trying to help young girls and women not to go to that life that I have been to.”

“I will not have it. I am not encouraging no [sic] girl to prostitution. I don’t want that for no [sic] young lady,” she added. “I was there, and I am here now by the grace of God.”

Her comments come as she parted ways with her former Campaign Manager Charles ‘Charlie Spice’ Lewis, who has now announced the launch of the Political Prostitutes Party (PPP).

Harewood had only harsh words for Lewis, insisting he is seeking attention.

“I want the people of Barbados, and the people of my constituency to know I do not respect what Charlie Spice is doing,” she added.

Harewood recently kicked up her campaign into full gear as she launched a clean-up effort of the constituency she aims to represent and where she also attends church after many years.

Barbados Canon Noel Burke, who is also chairman of the Barbados Christian Council, said the former sex worker had the right to run for political office.

“Natalie is a Barbadian and she has every right like any other Barbadian to offer herself for politics. It’s one of the duties of citizenship to participate fully in democracy, so she is like any one of us and has every right to participate . . . ,” he was recently quoted as saying in Barbados media.

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