Hyacinth Henry-Cameron

Hyacinth was born in Jamaica West Indies. She joined the work force as a teacher at St. John’s prep school in Ocho Rios, where she taught the children of Diplomats. She then moved on, to be a receptionist at the Jamaica Hilton Hotel.

Hyacinth’s great communication skills and intrinsic care for people led her to enroll in the Kingston School of Nursing. After receiving her RN, she assumed the post as staff Nurse at Bellevue Hospital and the National Chest Hospital respectively. She joined the field of Immigrants in 1976 and received her SRN from the Nursing council of England, Scotland and Wales. She later migrated to the United States and was licensed in New York. Hyacinth’s leadership quality and general care for people led her to take part in various community services.

In 1985, She became the founder of Hyacinth Productions, Inc. She then promoted gospel singers and talented luminaries such as Carlene Davis, Dobby Dobson, Reverend Jerry Thompson and the late Hopeton Lewis.

Hyacinth never forgot where she came from. She consistently supported her Alma Mater and later became an Ambassador for the Jamaica Red Cross. For the past ten years, she has been a member of the Crown Heights Lions club, an organization that takes part in a number of Community Services.

She has gained recognition along with other Jamaican Nurses abroad for their involvement in Community Service activities. Due to her numerous outreach programs invitations were extended to her from members of the Jamaican Government to assist, at home and abroad. In 2005, She was invited by Morris Cerello, world known Evangelist, to join his team at the House of Parliament in London. She was also invited to be a member of the (NRB) National Religious Broadcasters. Four years ago, Hyacinth joined the White House Prayer team and was invited on three different occasions to the White House for Round Table meetings. She was also invited to joined the value Partnership team with Oprah Winfrey. Hyacinth later joined the faith and community ‘Kick Off’ with Levar Burton and Joshua DuBois, where they discussed the remake of “Roots for the Future”.

In 2015 & 2016, Hyacinth accepted the position of Director of the White House Prayer Journal, which was presented to President Obama. She also received a citation from the Brooklyn Borough President for her outstanding contributions to the community. In 2017, She received the Congressional Award and Humanitarian award and recently, the Mentorship award.

Hyacinth’s goal in life is to motivate people and help them to realize their goals and to strive towards their maximum potential. Her most outstanding quote, “Be thankful for what you have got and don’t worry about what you have not”.

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