A Passion for Fashion – How Berlen Rosee Came to Life

Lenesia Brown of Berlen Rosee

We all must start somewhere. We have featured so many young, established and rising female entrepreneurs that have taken their passion from just an idea to full-blown success. Nothing is easy about the journey, but the most important step is starting. Black women have been taking the lead doing extraordinary things and we want to keep telling the stories about those who have leaped into creating the life they have always wanted. I recently got a chance to sit with a budding fashion entrepreneur, Lenesia Brown of Berlen Rosee from the Bronx about her story and vision.

Her fashion story came to life during the pandemic and was inspired by a desire to express an innate fashion sense. Lenesia gravitates towards colorful pieces, an expression she credits to the colorfulness that the Caribbean brings. She sees Rihanna’s contemporary fashion sense as a fashion influence and inspiration.  She hid her talent and passion until her mother underwent a life altering procedure that almost left her blind. This, coupled with the ongoing deaths and despair during the pandemic, prompted her to launch Berlen Rosee in 2020 with colorful tees displaying inspirational quotes. Today you can find a wider selection of items on BerlenRosee.com.

Berlen Rosee’s goal is to create designs that make others feel happy while offering selections at affordable prices. Ultimately, she hopes to connect with and inspire people to create beauty in their lives and make their world brighter with color-popping pieces. In 2021, she took a huge step in sharing her work with the world by hosting her first fashion show at the Bronx Collab. Though the event was a success, she believed there were things that could’ve been better. Lenesia learned valuable lessons from the experience and didn’t mind sharing. As a newcomer, she realized that having help from professionals with event planning, marketing, logistics, and promotions could’ve helped with a smoother execution.

Berlen Rosee’s designs are versatile, colorful, and affordable. She shared some of her favorite pieces with us adding that her male customers expressed a preference for simple, comfortable pieces. Every designer wants their pieces to be worn by some of the most reputable people. For Berlen Rosee, she is aiming for her favorite, Rihanna, and also added Zendaya to the mix. She is hopeful that Usain Bolt would allow her to create a custom piece; they are both graduates of William Knibb High School in Trelawny, Jamaica.

Money is always a critical factor in running any business and with Berlen Rosee’s launch during the pandemic along with looming inflation fears, Lenesia wants to remain cautious about her decisions.  However, she is reminded that her work was meant to create beauty and hope during hardships, and that encourages her to press forward. The support she received since the launch has been incredible and she is grateful.  She is also currently enrolled part-time at Westchester Community College pursuing a Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Psychology and works full-time in the food and beverage industry. She was heavily involved in track and field in high school and continues to participate for various NYC track clubs.

You can follow her on Instagram @BerlenRosee or visit her website at www.berlenrosee.com.

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