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 Are You Vaccine Resistant or Anti-Vax? 20 Questions to Ask Yourself.

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  1. If the covid-19 vaccine was designed to kill black people – why are so many white people in “white” countries clamoring to get more of it?
  2. Would you still be alive or enjoy a healthy life if you didn’t get those childhood vaccines in elementary/primary school?
  3. Do you know how awful it is to be sick from covid? Did you know its effects can hurt you long-term?
  4. Do you know that you are putting yourself, your family and friends at risk by not taking the vaccine?
  5. Why are you listening to nonscientific, angry, grievance driven, conspiracy theorists –instead of your better angels?
  6. Do you love your friend’s conspiracy ideas more than yourself? Why do they criticize and condemn something they don’t understand?
  7. How healthy and informed are the friends who advise you?
  8. Do you ever seek serious financial advice from your plumber? Do you ever seek legal advice from your doctor?
  9. Why do you rely on nonscientific people for answers to life changing scientific problems?
  10. Are you afraid to take the vaccine because you have health problems?
  11. Are you afraid of needles?
  12. Are you afraid of the side-effects of the vaccine?
  13. Have you discussed the vaccine with your doctor?
  14. If the vaccine is a conspiracy against Black people, wouldn’t Africa and Brazil get it first?
  15. Is the vaccine designed to reduce Black reproduction? Then it’s too late; educated Black people have been practicing family planning for decades.
  16. If you still believe that vaccines are a conspiracy, could you please explain who the conspirators are, where they are, and how they coordinate the plot?
  17. Aren’t the side effects of drugs (legal or illegal), and alcohol more destructive than a vaccine?
  18. Did you know that the groundwork for the vaccine has been in development long before now?
  19. Do you understand that the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccine are all about self-preservation and survival of the species?
  20. Do you understand that even countries with deep political and social divisions have cooperated and collaborated to produce and distribute the vaccine?


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