CGN Group to connect Jamaica to the Diaspora with IRIE Jam’s expansion into Jamaica

In July, the Caribbean Global Network (CGN) Group, operators of New York-based IRIE Jam Radio will launch Jamaica’s newest radio station, The Bridge 99FM. The Bridge will simulcast to the sister station IRIE Jam Radio, 93.5 FM – WVIP, connecting Jamaica to the Jamaican Diaspora in the New York tri-state area.

CGN Group notes that The Bridge will satisfy the insatiable need for extensive community news, information, entertainment, and lifestyle media coverage. Listeners can expect The Bridge to deliver content that closes the divide between home and abroad by sharing news, culture, and creating opportunities beyond the border thanks to a limitless flow of information. The station’s HD video format will stream globally, one of the only Caribbean outlets to provide that level of access.

Director of the CGN Group, Bobby Clarke, explained, “We are excited to introduce The Bridge to Jamaica and global audiences this month. By taking advantage of the vast listenership that IRIE Jam has in the tri-state area, we have created the perfect conduit for information sharing between Jamaica and its extensive Diaspora of over 2 million people in the Tri-State area. The Diaspora has always been an invaluable source of support for Jamaicans at home, we are simply seeking to amplify that relationship to help build communities and the economy.”

The station will target Jamaicans aged 25-75, across all socio-economic groups at home and diaspora-based first, second and third generation Jamaicans who want to maintain a strong link to Jamaica. CGN believes the new station will successfully connect people and all “things Jamaican” in a fresh, new, and exciting format to entice Jamaicans around the world.

The Bridge was born out of the Irie Jam Media Group which was founded 28 years ago by Chairman, Robert “Bobby” Clarke. Irie Jam broadcasts daily on WVIP 93.5FM, the radio program targets just over two million Caribbean nationals within the United States. The Bridge will focus on connecting Jamaica to its global Diaspora, creating access for more trade of goods and services, providing resources from its Diaspora, while highlighting Jamaica’s rich music culture, and plethora of dynamic attributes. CGN group acquired music 99FM  which was formerly owned by the RJR communications group.

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