Claudette D. Powell, RN, BSN, MA

Claudette Powell is a registered professional nurse. Her career and experience span over 20 years in home health care administration, encompassing hospital and community-based programs. Claudette’s strong passion for nursing and health care led her to venture and participate in a wide range of healthcare activities. Currently, she’s the Assistant Director of Nursing at Health and Hospitals Corporation Home Health Care.

Claudette Powell is integrally involved in promoting health care in Jamaica where she was born. In November 2010 she participated at the Jamaica 2030 Health Care Vision Forum, in Minnesota, with officials from the Jamaican Ministry of Health, other stakeholders and Friends of Jamaica, to develop the framework for improving the public health system. In October 2011, Claudette led the United States delegation at the International Healthcare Fact-Finding Mission to the public hospitals and health centers in Jamaica. She is instrumental in spearheading health initiatives and procurement of medical equipment and supplies to Jamaica.

Claudette is also professionally affiliated with a number of organizations in various capacities including Co-chair for Jamaica Diaspora Health Sector (Northeast US), Vice President of St Hugh’s Alumni Association New York Chapter and Vice-president Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Association. Claudette served as president for the Jamaica Nurses Group of New York and the Caribbean American Nurses Association. She currently serves as the public relations officer for both organizations. In October 2014, the Minister of Health in Jamaica appointed Claudette to the Think Tank as an advisory board member. Claudette is a member of the Union of Jamaican Alumni Association.

Amidst her busy schedule, Claudette volunteers several hours of work in medical missions to Jamaica, conducts health fairs in New York, and coordinates monthly blood pressure screenings at her local church. She serves on the Jamaica Independence church service committee. Claudette is committed to excellence, and her work over the years earned her several awards; to name a few: the “Excellence in Nursing” award in 2008 by the Caribbean American Nurses Association, Women Celebrating Women award by the Honorable Dr. Una Clarke, Humanitarian Award by the Sickle Cell Trust November 2011. The Outstanding Service Award by the New York Black Nurses Association and in February 2012, the Distinguished Health Professional Award by Assemblyman Nick Perry in 2013, the Caribbean Life Health Professionals Award in 2014 and the Governor General’s Achievement Award for Excellence, Diaspora USA June 2015.

Claudette Powell received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Long Island University and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Nursing Administration from New York University.
Mrs. Powell currently resides in Long Island, New York. She’s a wife, mother of three adult children and seven grandchildren. Claudette adores her family and loves to travel.

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