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Meet New York-based Jamaican singer Dyrana. Dyrana, also known as Dy Dy, may already be familiar to you from her comical videos that have made the rounds via social media. Since launching her videos, where she touches on a number of issues, Dy Dy recently transitioned to music and has picked up steam as a recording artist. WhereItzAt was first introduced to Dy Dy by DJ Norie and Chelsea Grant after her performance at DJ Norie’s Anything Goes Live Concert Series. I recently watched her performance and can attest to her talent and strength as an artist. She is a star in the making and her debut single “2 Can” is already generating quite a buzz. Dy Dy sat with us recently and we got the opportunity to learn more about this rising star.

WhereItzAt: People who have been following you have watched your entertaining and enlightening videos on love, relationships, sex, etc. and you built quite a following. What was it that motivated you to make those videos?

Dy Dy: I needed to build a fan base for music because when I reached out to people for help they didn’t take me seriously they saw a pretty face and sex. So I decided to do it my way.

WhereItzAt: You are clearly a creative person and could have chosen to do anything else, so why become a recording artist?

Dy Dy: Music is my passion my first love and that’s the only thing I wanted to do.

WhereItzAt: When watching your videos, there is so much passion there, especially when you hit the camera with your hand (Lol). How much of what viewers see on those videos is Dyrana?

Dy Dy: Lol I think like 5 percent they don’t know Dyrana they know Dy Dy cause Dy Dy is a character I built just for my videos.

WhereItzAt: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Dy Dy: Passionate about my craft, humble and loyal to my fans and supporters.

WhereItzAt: If you had to name three artists or individuals that influenced you the most in your life or inspired you to follow your dreams, who would they be?

Dy Dy: Lauren hill, Lady Saw and Tanya Stephenson

WhereItzAt: Do you have a plan for where you want this journey to take you? Is acting or modeling in the future for Dy Dy?

Dy Dy: Yes, modeling and acting is definitely in my future. I love working and staying busy. I wanna do it all.

WhereItzAt: I personally hate being put in a box, but if you had to describe your music, what genre would you say it falls under?

Dy Dy: My music falls under Reggae/pop.

WhereItzAt: What were you feeling the first time you took to the stage to perform?

Dy Dy: Excited, happy and nervous.

WhereItzAt: Do you write all your music? How important is it for you to be a part of the creative process?

Dy Dy: No I don’t write all of my music. But it’s definitely important for me to be a part of the creative process, because it’s my brand that I’m building and have to maintain.

WhereItzAt: What do you like to do in your quiet time?

Dy Dy: I read books, listen to music, eat, sleep and mind my business.

WhereItzAt: Name 3 people you would love to perform with and would do it even if it was free?

Dy Dy: Lauren hill, Tanya Stephens, Lady Saw.

WhereItzAt: Do you believe it is your responsibility as an artist to be a role model for others or should artists just be themselves?

Dy Dy: Yes it’s a responsibility, but artists should still remain true to themselves.

WhereItzAt: We are in an age where women are breaking more barriers and kicking down more doors. Do you have any special message for the women who follow you or for young girls in general?

Dy Dy: Just be yourself, love you and love what you do.

For more information follow Dy Dy at:

Twitter: everythingdydy

Instagram: officialdydy


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