So, why am I encouraging you on a path to self – awareness, how does that help you to be healthy, wealthy and happy? How does that help you to improve your relationships socially and professionally? As a matter of fact, what does pursuing some abstract concept have to do with your life? If you’ve survived this long, without even knowing what self – awareness is, how are you going to benefit now? In other words, what’s in it for you?

Those are all fair and rational questions, if you are pondering them seriously, then maybe the state of self – awareness is somewhere in your future and at such time that you discover it, your life will change dramatically. Your health will improve – your wealth will increase and your happiness will abound. If you doubt my claim, or better still my promise – I have a story for you.

My early life was peppered with drama; driving accident after driving accident, interpersonal confrontations, a flagrant disregard for norms much like today’s youths, I saw no need to conform to society’s norms or mores. The consequences of my attitudes and behavior created extensive property damage, personal financial loss with emotional pain and distress all the while establishing a tough guy the reputation.  During that phase of my early teens and twenties the havoc I created, was later to become a teaching moment and a rallying point for my psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

When your consciousness is able to assess the damage you’ve done, it evokes a detached objectivity which helps you to contemplate your life and your purpose. I am one of the lucky ones, I survived but I still had to find myself. I would very often ask myself; why am I experiencing so many life threatening situations, so many confrontations and conflicts?

So as most people often do, I went to church. This new environment provided a respite from my world, but I soon discovered that drama, confrontations, and conflicts exist even in the church. That new and surprising reality forced me to find answers, and in looking for answers the Divine mind directed me to myself. Whatever you seek is within.

When you become aware of yourself and assume the responsibility and accountability for self, it is only then that you find yourself. No church, no organization, no fraternity, nor university can help you find yourself. It is only when you discover the simple act of developing a relationship with yourself, of observing and communicating with yourself, (Self-talk), of understanding your own personality and individuality, only then that you find yourself. One of life’s simple ironies is – our instinctive impulse to examine the behavior of others yet, we neglect personal self-examination and self-inspection.

It is critical that I introduce the word process at this point of my conversation with you. “Process is a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular goal or end.” Therefore in order to develop your process, you must move from being ASLEEP to being AWAKE. My philosophy on process is this: “finding one’s self is a process and like any other process, it requires information and a rational desire to learn new ideas, incorporate new thoughts, while constantly sharpening the mind, very much like the wood cutter who, constantly and repeatedly, sharpens his axe in order to achieve his daily productions of logs, quickly and efficiently.” *

Developing self-awareness is mandatory in navigating today’s chaotic world with all its conflicts, distortions and distractions. Self-awareness also requires that you dispose of your cynicism and apathy toward your existence. Since you need a reminder, let me remind you who you really are. You are a microcosm of the universe. Every aspect of the larger universe is duplicated in your being – understanding that fact, gives you clarity and assurance of your Divinity.

Your journey to self-awareness means abandoning old ideas, old thoughts, and attitudes in order to learn new ideas and new thoughts. The process of incorporating new ideas and new thinking promotes the concept of change, which remains the only constant in life. In his research, on the origin of Species, Charles Darwin offered this observation,” It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it’s the one that’s most adaptable to change that survives.”

Is it your intention to survive, stay alive and thrive? Then, incorporate change in your life. Step out of your comfort zone. Take the necessary steps to self-awareness. I promise you a much a better life will be in store for you. But first – remember to continue the search to find self!

‘Cause that’s Whereitzat!

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