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It was both pleasurable and informative to sit with Frank Bastone, President of Social Dynamics. Social Dynamics is a company that is dedicating to providing counsel and training to company executives, managers and salespeople. Frank is a big believer in the sales concept and he believes that learning the art of selling prepares not only company executives but young people to be more effective in whatever vocation they choose. Frank provides hands on support and coaching to companies who are looking to increase their sales revenues. Frank’s passion for helping teenage youth jumped out at me, as I am in that category myself. It is rare to find someone who is as business oriented as he is, prioritizing the needs of young people whom, he is not only willing to train, but to also offer job opportunities.

He expressed to me that there is one lesson that’s important to learn, and its this – by investing in himself, he was able to succeed, and he wants to impart that lesson to younger people to ensure their future, and the future of America.

Frank is the president of his own company Social Dynamics, which he uses along with his expertise and sales skills, to turn around struggling business enterprises.

Through his training Frank quickly learned that through effective communication along with problem solving skills are at the heart of a company’s success or failure. He tells the story about an entrepreneur, Sean Lashley whom he convinced to hire teenagers in his business and provide them with sales training. His client Mr. Lashley was surprised at the revenue that was generated for his company by these kids.

Frank Bastone is on a mission to provide opportunities to teenagers by offering them sales training, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills as well as teaching them the importance of solution-based approaches.

He applies his experience in helping companies understand how to get to the next level as he says, “knowing the problem is one thing, almost anybody does that. Knowing how to solve the problem is another.” This is what he teaches the companies and the teenagers that he works with.

He has been able to assist youth between14 to 18 years old make money they could only dream of. Some are making anywhere from 600 to 1700 a week. He works closely with the Bay Plaza Mall as well as a number of other small business and entrepreneurs,’ to ensure that he can find jobs for teenagers. He emphasizes the importance of young people volunteering and seeking internships. He made a promise that he would have a state-of-the-art website targeted to supporting the mission of Social Dynamics to provide better opportunities for both his clients and the teenagers that he helps and he has kept that promise. His passion for helping kids find work and develop professionally attracted the attention of Senator Jamaal Bailey of the 36th district in the Bronx. Mr. Bailey has also put his full support behinds Frank’s program of Social Dynamics. Check out his website at

If your business is struggling or if you are a teenager looking for work call (718)-662-8581. Tell him you discovered him through WhereItzAt, it makes a difference! Allow him to help you, help yourself.

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