Irie Jam’s Killa Boo and His Journey to Radio

Killa Boo

Beau-Regard Thompson is a radio personality at North America’s #1 Caribbean radio station, Irie Jam Radio. In addition to his duties at Irie Jam, he is also a senior selecta (DJ) on North America’s #1 sound system, King Addies in Brooklyn, New York. Artistically known as “Killa Boo”, the disc jock has worked diligently to solidify himself as one of the icons of the New York reggae & dancehall scene.

Born on August 10, 1975, in Kingston, Jamaica to parents Donald & Denise Thompson, Beau-Regard attended Duhaney Park Primary prior to enrollment at St. Georges College where he spent two years before migrating with his family to the US in 1988.

For a short while, his family resided in Brooklyn as well as the Bronx before settling in Queens where Beau-Regard attended Jamaica High School and was later accepted to Hofstra University in Long Island under the auspices of the New Opportunities at Hofstra Program, in 1994.

While education remained his unwavering priority, the connection and natural inclination that he had with music was never far away. From an early age he knew that this was a passion that had to be realized, but it wasn’t before his early teenage years that he acted on those impulses and started playing music at backyard and basement parties in 1992. He has been playing ever since. No longer relegated to backyards and basements, his undeniable skill and talent have made him a sought-after commodity for events across the world.

A former member of sound systems that include Magnum Force, Super Den, and King Agony, Killa Boo absorbed invaluable lessons from each experience that served to prepare him by helping him improve his craft. The experience he gained working in retail at Queens, NY based Original Records for the greater part of the 90’s, was instrumental in the development and growth of his music IQ.

In 2002, Killa Boo was invited to be a part of the Irie Jam Radio family alongside senior broadcasters DJ Roy, Dubbmaster Chris, Andrew D, & Spreadlove Bobby. This was an unexpected opportunity that he seized and confidently undertook with great enthusiasm and lofty expectations.

He has not been disappointed, as by his own account the decision has proven to be one of the best he has made.

And now mid-way through 2022, Beau-Regard ‘Killa Boo’ Thompson is a mainstay at Irie Jam. He hosts his radio show 5 days per week across the Tri-State area from 1 pm to 3 pm, during which he simultaneously connects on The Bridge 99 FM in Jamaica with former Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding on Mondays at 1 pm, and with the Queen of Jamaica radio, Mama Elise Kelly on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1 pm. His main focus is to keep his radio and event audiences captivated. He has diligently done so through his radio show, and the annual Mother’s Day Tribute which has been a staple event in New York, every Mother’s Day since 2004.

With much already accomplished Killa Boo asserts that this is only the beginning with lots more to come. Stay tuned.

You can follow him on Instagram @killaboo_addies_lion, and Killaboo Thompson on Facebook,

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