Jamaica Celebrates 59th Anniversary of Political Independence


Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has lauded Jamaicans for their resilience in the midst of a pandemic.

In a statement to mark the country’s 59th anniversary of political independence from the United Kingdom, Holness said that while the pandemic has dealt a “severe blow to our lives and livelihoods, we have, as a nation, done well together in managing the crisis.  We have been able to do this through the hard work and sacrifice of thousands of frontline workers and the support and cooperation of most well-thinking Jamaicans.”

“As we celebrate our anniversary of independence, let us pause to reflect on what independence means. True national independence is not complete without economic independence. It is not enough to merely be proclaimed ‘politically independent’ without also achieving economic independence.” He added that while the island has come far as a nation, the quest for economic independence is not complete.

“We have long held a dream and vision of a Jamaica, a land of peace, love and prosperity. As we celebrate 59 years of independence, let us join hands and hearts in working each day to make this vision a reality. I urge every Jamaican to reflect on the true meaning of independence and to celebrate in a responsible way.”

“Happy Independence Day Jamaica! May God bless you and bless Jamaica, land we love.”

And the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has congratulated the Government and people of Jamaica on the country’s 59th Anniversary of Independence.

CARICOM Secretary-General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, in a congratulatory message to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, said the theme reflects the determination and adaptability of the Jamaican people which enables them to soldier on in the face of the pandemic and other challenges in these uncertain times.

“The Community celebrates your country’s outstanding achievements in fields such as diplomacy, sports, arts and culture, which are a source of pride for Jamaica and the Region,” the Secretary-General’s message said.

“As the Community seeks to recover from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, devastated economies and the recent climate-related disasters, Jamaica’s leadership in the portfolio of External Trade Negotiations within CARICOM’s Quasi Cabinet, and your work with the Prime Minister of Canada and the United Nations Secretary-General with respect to financing the recovery are very crucial,” Ambassador LaRocque added.

Jamaica marked the celebrations under the theme “Jamaica 59: Come Mek We Celebrate Online”.

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