Meet the Car Guy at Superb Motors

Jemehl “The Car Guy” Thomas has become legendary in the Motor Car Industry because he delivers any car you want; but more important, he delivers on his word. That makes him a Unicorn in the industry and one of the most affable and trustworthy persons you will ever meet. That’s very important because purchasing a car is usually the second most expensive purchase compared to buying your home, so you should be confident that your decision is guided by the most reliable advice available.

Whatever your car means to you, whether its comfort, reliability, job requirement or your status symbol, Jemehl has a car for you at his brand-new location at 215 Northern Boulevard, Great Neck, Long Island. It’s a place where you can relax and make your decision in a pleasant, stress free environment, which is so uncommon in the car buying experience.

Now almost 20 years after pursuing a career in the automobile sales industry, The Car Guy has applied all the lessons learned and has created a new atmosphere, a new and more efficient way to ensure that his customers are totally satisfied with the buying experience. Because he understands and respects his clients he has made sure that over 80% of his staffing are Caribbean or of Caribbean descent; his way of giving back to the community that has built his business. He recounts that one of his best decisions back in 2010 was to advertise with Irie Jam Radio whose millions of listeners heard his message, and those who responded have become lifetime, repeat customers.

When WhereItzAt asked The Car Guy his raison d’etre, he humbly replied, “I have four younger siblings who look up to me and I want to be someone they can be proud of, in addition, as father of one girl and two boys, I have every reason to empower my community.” This humble giant of 6’4” is Partner and General Manager of Superb Motors Group is already planning to expand to other locations in the Tri-State area. The Car Guy looks forward to serving you and your family for all your automobile buying needs. Call him at 800 509 3102 and say Whereitzat – A Better Deal Awaits You!

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