Mi Daakye pays homage to and partakes in the celebration of Hip Hop 50th Anniversary

4th Annual MpaBoa 'Sneaker' Gala - Fresh Out the Box

As a culture and global movement, Hip Hop has developed generations of barrier breakers and culture shapers, while leaving trails of encoded messages meant to serve, instruct and support future generations.

Mi Daakye is dedicating this year’s Sneaker Gala to the people who have broken down barriers to create space for their dreams and our culture. Against limiting societal norms and other adversity, these mavericks birthed by this movement have emerged triumphant while promoting the advancement of black unity, black business, black freedom, black leadership through the celebration of black culture and its contributions.

This year’s honorees include:

Tiara Hargrave

General Manager, SLANG / Artist Manager, 11AM

Personally, I advocate for diverse voices and stories to be heard and seen. If there’s something lacking or needs improvement, I have worked to create that change for the better.


Sade Muhammad

Chief Marketing Officer, Time Magazine

Making my voice heard in rooms where no one looked like me and finding the courage to carve out a path that felt authentic to me.



Farai Simoyi

Fashion Design Program Director / Professor, Thomas Jefferson University

Founder / Chief Executive Officer, The Narativ House

In essence, I’ve shattered barriers by not only achieving my dreams but also by actively paving the way for a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable future in the fashion industry.

Rah Thomas

Managing Director, Accenture

I challenge the status quo regularly. If something has been in place for a long time and is preventing access, ask why. I am not afraid to stand alone in a room full of peers or strangers. I show up authentically and vulnerably and build common ground with people in opposition.


Leke Osinubi

Chief Digital Risk Officer, Goldman Sachs

Authentically curated the idea that it’s possible to be grounded within a space and still be successful without abandoning cultural norms.



Tari Wariebi

Writer / Film Director of “We Were Meant To”

In order to break down barriers to create space for your dreams you must first create space for your person. I’ve spent many years cultivating space and community for myself and others that look like me so we can dream together and dream freely.


As Mi Daakye continues to focus on breaking down barriers that children face in accessing education, the proceeds from this event will provide sneakers and school supplies for underserved students in Ghana and stateside.

Join Mi Daakye Foundation Inc. on Saturday, November 11, 2023, for their 4th Annual MpaBoa “Sneaker Gala” – Fresh Out the BoxHip Hop 50th Celebration. The gala is from 7 pm – 11 pm at The Rally Museum, located at 446 Broadway, New York, NY 10013. Click here to purchase tickets.

The MpaBoa ‘Sneaker’ Gala is a celebration of authenticity, contribution, and community. This formal affair is dedicated to Mi Daakye’s mission to turn inclusivity and expression into action and benefit. The funds raised from this gala will be dedicated to students of the Amanfro School District in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana as well as our students state side totaling 68 schools 31,087 students.

For more information about Mi Daakye, their work and their upcoming event, visit their website Mi Daakye

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