Ashley Clark, Founder & CEO of Sense 2 Cents

New Sense 2 Cents App Brings Money Management to The Whole Family

Ashley Clark, Founder & CEO of Sense 2 Cents

Managing money well is a science of careful calculation, forward-looking budgeting, and penny-wise prudence. Once a complicated, time-consuming process, modern technology has brought forth a revolutionary new app that makes finance fun and easy for your whole family! The new Sense 2 Cents groundbreaking app teaches the principles of financial literacy, encourages diligent spending habits, provides portals for budgeting, debt service, and investing that helps you grow your wealth in a timely way.

Since its introduction, Sense 2 Cents has been featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, and CBS. This innovative, powerful digital financial LITeracy company has put thousands of families on a path to financial independence through easy to digest products and services. The new app is a user-friendly, comprehensive toolbox, which includes features like the INVEST tab, where adults and kids alike can watch the movement of stocks over days, months, or years, updated with real-time stock prices, a SAVE tab that lets your children set savings goals and benchmarks, a SPEND page for tracking purchases, and the popular CHORE function, where parents can assign errand and set a value for each one. As tasks are completed, parents can update the totals, for cash-out at the end of a preset period, like end-of-week or end-of-month. The app allows parents to set up assigned percentages at app start-up and these percentages get distributed automatically to kids’ savings envelopes on a regular basis.

“Finance is 80% behavior and only 20% knowledge,” says Ashley Clark, Founder & CEO of Sense 2 Cents, “Wealth building is not rocket science. And we help you do it!”

Learning to achieve financial stability at an early age is a key metric of future success, and as you and your children watch your funds increase, a skill set to last a lifetime is also imparted! Sense2Cents is practical, educational, and beneficial, all in one easily downloadable package. When you use Sense2Cents to build wealth and teach fiscal responsibility, everyone in your household profits from the experience. Get to know Sense 2 Cents by visiting their website at today. The app will also be available for download in the Apple and Google Play Store.

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