Watch The Emmys, Grammys, or, the most coveted, The Oscar Awards and chances are, you might get as excited as the recipients themselves and in some cases, might feel even more excitement, particularly, if the participants are your favorite performers or actors.

What is it about the act of recognition that is so stimulating to the recipient of that attention? Is it that people and other intelligent life forms are wired to respond to appreciation, gratitude, and attention? How did you feel the last time you were recognized for an act of generosity or kindness? Didn’t you feel a sense of warmth, self-fulfillment, and happiness? On the other hand, isn’t it true that when you are recognized and singled out because of a character flaw or the making of a silly mistake, that you feel a sense of disappointment, sadness and loss? The act of recognition is powerful and it cuts both ways.

Unfortunately, most times we are recognized for the mistakes we make and the human weaknesses we possess, which create an industry of psychologists, counselors, therapists and pastors, all providing behavioral therapy. Much of this prevailing dysfunction can be addressed by showing our appreciation and gratitude to others. Thoughtfulness and thoughtlessness are obviously two opposing states but they exist quite comfortably in our consciousness until they are provoked by an event. The paradox is that acts of thoughtlessness inflict a more severe and painful memory on the human psyche than the afterglow and warmth experienced from an act of thoughtfulness. You might find that more weird than merely paradoxical, but that’s how memory works.

So the need for constant and non-stop reinforcement is one of the most effective and relatively easy tools to promote and stimulate appreciation, nurture pride and motivate productivity. The acts of complimenting, encouraging and esteeming another being are actually instinctive and intuitive, it’s also an act of common sense. Why is an act that is so obviously intuitive and effective in behavior modification, become counter-intuitive? We can rail about selfishness, materialism, godlessness and all the other prevailing ills of our modern times, but the truth is the answer is much simpler, we individually and collectively need to Stop, Look and Listen! We need to take time-outs – the same time-out we prescribe for our children when they’re anxious and hyperactive, is exactly the medicine we need, in most cases, more than our children.








What am I saying? I am saying that many of us have stalled our emotional and spiritual development because of the intrusive and pervasive power of artificial intelligence, information overload and an increasing detachment from the things that really matter; family, friends, reading, learning, regular physical activity, contemplation/meditation. Many of us have become “stuck” and have surrendered to the shiny objects, the superficial distractions of life, too many have fallen into the groove of quiet desperation which ultimately results in emotional and spiritual isolation; it’s a place where bitterness, cynicism, and sarcasm flourish, choking off the need to recognize, appreciate and esteem others.

No matter whether a person is rich or poor, the same rules apply, everyone is wired to be energized and stimulated by the simple act of recognition and that’s why I enjoy what I do. My mission is to expand the limits of human potential, to get people well past the potentially harmful hurdles and obstacles of life, to encourage others to explore an awareness and intimacy with their inner child. This prolongs health, vigor, and youthfulness. I help people to understand that before you can genuinely recognize and elevate someone else, you had better become great at recognizing and appreciating yourself – first!

I teach the concept of Emotional Intelligence in order to raise Awareness which leads to Mindfulness and Self-fulfillment, it’s not about me, it’s about You and your understanding of the Creative continuum: “we only live to give to others, so that they, may also live to give to others.” The Universe thrives on that reciprocity and so should we.

It is now a verifiable scientific fact that people’s physical and emotional states change once they are recognized by others or by their peers. Take for example the casual event where you encounter one of your favorite teachers and that person actually recognizes you, talks to you and recalls your best and worst moments. That’s a Super stimulant because you are renewed with a sense of achievement and justification for your life and actions.

Make sure you join the WhereItzAt team on Saturday, June 10, 2017, at Mirelle’s Restaurant in Westbury for the 2017 B.I.G. AWARDS GALA and witness the Power of Recognition.

‘Cause that’s WhereItzAt!

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