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Publisher’s Vibe – Whenever I Listen, I Learn!

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My friends ask me all the time – how is it you know so much about such a wide variety of things? Mind you, I am not a potential Jeopardy contestant, because static data is of little interest to me; I don’t absorb information for the sake of regurgitating it, for me it’s the dynamic data that fascinates me, ‘the cut and thrust of life,’ ever evolving thoughts, ideas and philosophies gets me real excited – that’s why I listen. That thirst for knowledge caused me to forego the boredom of college twice in my youth, my inquisitiveness and impatience with rote learning drove both my lecturers and me crazy; that’s when I realized the existence of ‘Imposed Learning Gaps’. Now mind you, the elites in academia speak passionately about Learning Gaps, but they explain it this way, “it’s the difference between what a student has learned – i.e., the students’ academic progress he or she has made vis a vie what that student was expected to learn at a certain point in his/her education.” Sounds great and logical coming from an overrated and disconnected bureaucracy, but it’s a smokescreen, a fiction; the truth is the information being disseminated in our children’s schools is so truncated, so disconnected and often, so irrelevant to their needs, that children have stopped listening!Let me get back to my theory of Imposed Learning Gaps; I believe with a great degree of certainty that many aware and mindful parents share my point of view/theory that the American education system has failed to prepare our children to be proactive participants for a world in which they are expected to survive and thrive. In fact, our children are denied the right to learn the true historical/social and economic architecture of the land for which they are expected to pledge allegiance, and, as I write this essay states like Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Iowa and Idaho have made it illegal to teach the meaning of Juneteenth in schools. So, bear with me as we figure this out together – the self-titled greatest country in the world is guilty of denying young minds/students the right to learn the Truth about American history. Instead, they are approving and demanding the falsifying of the records that expose the stain of America’s inhumanity against Native Americans, Black Americans, Asian Americans and Jews.

Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

But let me cut to the chase in the interest of time and space and impose on the sensibilities of my Black Sisters and Brothers, stop being shocked and surprised as the American education system continues to fail our children; it does so because it was designed to do so, it was designed to retain and entrench the master/slave system by creating a pool of workers overseen by a hierarchy of bosses/masters. You bet every design system has its flaws, so those of us who beat the system are the outliers who must do everything in our power to attract more outliers to our ranks. Those of you who are acting like you’ve made it by flaunting your outlandish material wealth (this includes you preachers who are fleecing your congregants) are soon to be in for a rude awakening! It’s going to come down to the survival of the Mentally and Spiritually fit, to those who are Aware and Mindful of the dimensional shift and its repercussions e.g., Corona Virus and its residual effect and impact on our lives. It’s time to Listen and Learn, not to earn and burn! It’s time to Read and Write, not for Greed nor Strife, it’s time to Create and Relate not to Hate and Deviate from the mission of the Tribe.

I will continue to say it until I am blue in the face, until you see and hear me, Stop, Look & Listen! Observe our Jewish friends and brothers and their resolve – that what happened to them, (the Holocaust) will never repeat itself! To that end they have built their institutions of learning, their financial networks, the social and spiritual connections, while we do what? Go to church on Sundays, singing the gospel, while our children are adrift and disconnected from the institutions that we have failed to build for them. Whenever the spirit moves you, please purchase a book titled, Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen, the man who also wrote Lies Across America. Begin the necessary work of ‘The Outlier’ by reducing your excesses, three cars that produce no wealth, when you can only drive one; consolidate your family, too many on the outside create tension, conflict and poverty. The Black Outlier is a warrior who understands that the fight for freedom is not over until we have established independent productive institutions of learning along with, organizing and consolidating the massive spending power of Black America and recycling it within our tribe. Are you Listening? I am, and I hear what they’re saying, are you? How can you level the playing field if you have no Leverage?

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