SOUL MUSINGS – Our Birthright to Freedom

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Do you think of freedom as a natural birthright, granted to you by a Divine power that is moving through and as you or do you think of it as the Oxford dictionary defines it, “a state of not being imprisoned or enslaved?”

As energetic beings having a human experience, we now know that imprisonment of the mind can occur even as the body walks freely. Heart-Centered Revolutionaries like Marcus Garvey, Nanny of the Maroons and Nelson Mandela have taught that we can emancipate ourselves from various forms of mental slavery that has been and continues to be imposed by the media, government, race, and the culture-scape then and now.

It is a powerful revelation when you believe that you are a unique expression of the power that created you. Learning how to embody this truth is your pathway to freedom. In his book “Atomic Habit”, author James Clear aptly states that “all behavior is identity driven”. Meaning, that how you see yourself will determine how you think, act, and feel.

Carving out a sacred space in your day, even for five minutes, helps you to focus on your heart’s desire instead of what the world around you tries to impose on you. Not having a solid spiritual practice in today’s fast paced world is akin to being in a capsized boat without a life preserver.

To empower you in this process, I would like to share four principles I have used to help me reclaim and sustain my birthright to freedom.

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This step is what I refer to as the birth of consciousness. It helps you avoid being one of those people who say they have 15 years of experience, but what they really mean is that they have had one year 15 times. When you activate a ritual around any form of mindfulness activity such as mediation, hiking, art etc., each day, month, and year becomes an opportunity for you to get better and better at being who you already are.


This principle leads to self-mastery. Even today, when I am juggling too many responsibilities, it remains a challenge. The word discipline, comes from the word disciple, meaning to fall in love with something. When you create discipline, your priorities shift based on what you are committed to, not what you are merely interested in.


Broken down, this is where you grow in your ability to respond to your true nature rather than react to circumstances around you.


Is when you begin to rediscover who and what you truly are. You learn to participate fully in the roles of life such as wife, father, friend, etc. without being attached to them. You begin to live your life with integrity because you can no longer deny or suppress what you know to be true. In this stage you are a conduit to the Presence that is never in absence. You know that if it is everywhere, therefore, it is within you. It’s like Dorothy and the ruby slippers, “you had it all along my dear”.

Tamara Speid

Tamara Speid is a heart-centered revolutionary, guide, and experience artist devoted to empowering you to awaken from the mindset of struggle by experiencing a life filled with beauty. Follow Tamara on IG @thespeidexperience or visit her online at


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