Survival Stories – Local Business Owners Talk Surviving the Pandemic and Hope for a Better 2022

We started this year with a host of uncertainties yet hopeful. Things as we know it were changing and it was obvious to most that there had to be some adjustments for the future. We are on the verge of another new year, so we thought it necessary to get some feedback from some of the businesses we featured in the earlier this year. We also included a new business offering a fresh perspective on the changes. We discussed how the pandemic affected their businesses this year and what were they looking forward to for 2022. We hope that you continue to support these businesses as they too embrace the changes, expansions and the new normal.

Desmond Patterson: Brucee’s Patties

Brucee’s Patties was greatly affected by the pandemic. The business is still up and running but they are still dealing with issues, especially the price increases and labor shortages due to mandates.  Mr. Patterson stated that it is difficult to gauge how 2022 will pan out especially with the continued shift in the economy. Call Brucee’s at 718-922-2253 and place your orders for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more.

Dr. Marlene Reynolds-Cox: Rochdale Dental Care PLLC

Dr. Reynold informed that that due to COVID restrictions, there was a decline in business and she’s hoping that with 2022 business will pick up.   Rochdale Dental can be found in Queens at 165-44A Baisley Boulevard Jamaica, NY 11434. For appointments call, 718-723-5656.

Leslie “Patrick” Heath: Patmar Bake Shop

Patmar Bake Shop underwent renovations to accommodate the new requirements dur to COVID. Patrick indicated that he had been fortunate that there were minimal changes due to his type of business. They mostly had take-out service and his business was only down for about a week and a half.  He is grateful for stability for the past 30 years and is still undergoing renovations and will introduce a new look soon. Patmar Bake Shop is located at 205-07 Linden Blvd, Phone: 718-341-0900 and 223-10 South Conduit Ave., Phone: 718-949-7078.

Phillip Feurtado: Feurtado Shipping

Mr. Feurtado said that weren’t many changes, but they had been in stay above water mode. The pandemic did make things challenging, especially with the port delays, and getting equipment for loading and unloading. Transit times haven’t increased but the situation had to do with overbooking because there was more cargo than space. They had to cut off for Christmas a week earlier. In addition, due to COVID restrictions the time for collecting cargo suffered a decrease. He expects to make some improvements in service to make things smoother for customers. As always, he would like to thank the loyal and supportive customers.  For Fast, Safe & Reliable Shipping to Jamaica Call Feurtado Shipping 718-523-5099.

Mitzie Patterson: Tastee Pattee

For Mitzie Patterson of Tastee Pattee, it was a hard year following the loss of her son and having to deal with COVID restrictions. Especially with the vaccine mandates that caused difficulty with staffing.  Despite the price increases, she kept the quality of her products the same. She is hoping for the best for 2022 and has embarked on increased overall quality with customer service training for her staff.  Ms. Patterson would like to thank the community for their continued support and is hoping for the best for 2022. Call Tastee Pattee for all your Pastry needs at 718-342-7670.

Ras Imandi: Vital Health Foods

Ras Imandi “Give thanks for being able to sustain during the pandemic”. He mentioned that he has had and continues to experience difficulties sourcing products. The decrease in supply also caused price increases. He is grateful to the community for over 30 years of support, especially the older customers who may have difficulty understand that the products remain the same with branding and labeling changes. Please call Brother. Imandi at 718-525-0992 with your questions.

Kerieth Mair: The Dumpling Cove

For The Dumpling Cove, things were a little better in 2021, than 2020. Mr. Mair mentioned that having the outdoor area help with the adjustment rather quickly. They increased their take-out service through online platforms, such as grub hub and UberEATS, and increased advertising and their social media presence.  The Dumpling Cove also added menu items, noting that the overall changes improved his business. Mr. Mair added that there will be additional changes throughout 2022 with an aim to be more of an inclusive spot for his customers.  They will be adding more ice-cream flavors, a new juice bar and a late-night drive through option. The Dumpling Cove is and will remain a Bronx tradition. Be sure to order ahead 718-653-3143 to avoid the line.

Jemehl “The Car Guy” Thomas: Superb Motors 

Superb Motors opened in June 2021 and the response has been incredible. Jemehl stated that the pandemic boosted his business as people were opting for more private transportation options. He is looking forward to expansion and growth for 2022 and would like to thank the community for supporting Superb Motors. Visit Superb Motors at 215 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021 and call them at 516-821-2280 or 800-509-3102.

Juan Rodriguez: T&R Sales Inc.

T&R Sales had a good year despite the pandemic. Mr. Rodriguez stated that it may have been due to the nature of their busines. Regardless, he was grateful to have been able to provide goods for his customers. No major changes were implemented, and he hopes we all stay healthy and provide the products they need. For 2022, T&R Sales is hoping for an improvement in the availability of products, improved distribution, and decreased prices. You can visit them at 203-07 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, NY 11412 or call 718-525-4283.

Small businesses have been the backbone of our communities before the pandemic, and we hope to continue supporting them well after this is over. If you are a small business owner and would like to share your story, or if you know of a small business story, email us at

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