George Jackson

Too Black, Too Strong, Too August – In Commemoration of Black August

Image Credit: Center for Constitutional Rights

In this month of the Lion the world has opened up. Some say we are still politically, socially, and economically on shaky ground. I say with Unity, Self Determination, Cooperative Economics and Collective work and responsibility we can revolutionize this new normal to our advantage and progress by observing and commemorating BLACK AUGUST.

Before we go deeper, big ups to all my LEOS, you share solar returns with:

  • Judith Stewart E.D (my mama) Aug 3, 1940
  • Barack Obama August 4, 1961
  • Usain Bolt August 21, 1986

Pour libations to our Leo Ancestors:

  • Marcus Garvey August 17, 1887
  • Henrietta Lacks August 1, 1920
  • Fred Hampton August 30, 1948
  • Whitney Houston August 9, 1963
  • Kobe Bryant August 23, 1978
  • Nipsey Hussle August 15, 1985

Research our ancestors to learn more about their great achievements.

Black August originated in California prisons in 1979 and is historically rooted in the resistance of Blacks in prisons due to mistreatment of Black inmates, which represented the mistreatment and oppression of Black people in America. Black August also serves to honor and commemorate fallen freedom fighters: George Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, William Christmas, W.L. Nolan James McClain, Khatari Gaulden, and free all political prisoners, like Ruchel Magee, the longest living political prisoner in the United States, having been incarcerated for the past 58 years. George Jackson a Black Panther, Liberator, and Author was assassinated by San Quentin prison guards during a prison uprising to stop the leadership of Black Liberation. George Jackson authored two books, Soledad & Blood in My Eye.

Black August is a commemoration and observation as opposed to a celebration, because it is the month that freedom fighters and revolutionaries fought for Black liberation around the world, leading to historical acts of resistance. We can observe Black August through self-discipline, fasting, studying, educating, combat training, community work and political and cultural engagement. There are fund raisers, festivals, and concerts for Black August, however the concentration is on rededicating yourself to family, friends, and community. Community organizations are encouraged to conduct functions of edutainment, while promoting proactive acts of resistance. Here’s what each person is encouraged to do to observe and commemorate Black August:

  • Drink only water from August 1 to August 31 (avoid alcohol and any other beverages)
  • Eat only one meal a day after sunset
  • Exercise daily or every other day individually or in a group
  • Do not use any drugs, mind altering herbs or alcoholic beverages during the entire month
  • Do not go to any corporate store for anything other than medical or health related items
  • Do not patronize fast food or commercial vendors
  • Eat healthy, nutritious foods
  • Study Black August historical acts of resistance and strategies for progressive Black liberation individually or in a group

Here are historical & significant acts of resistance and events that took place in the month of August:

  • August 20, 1619 – First enslaved Africans arrive in Jamestown, Virginia
  • August 22, 1791 – Beginning of the Haitian Revolution
  • August 30, 1800 – Gabriel Prosser’s rebellion
  • August 21, 1831 – Nat Turner Rebellion,
  • August 22, 1843 – Henry Highland Garnett delivers a speech encouraging the enslaved to rebel against their masters
  • August 2, 1850 – The initiation of the major network that conducted the Underground Railroad
  • August 15, 1920 – Release of the Black Liberation flag
  • August 28, 1955 – The murder of 14-year-old Emmet Till
  • August 28, 1963 – The March on Washington
  • August 11, 1965 – The Watts Rebellion
  • August 18, 1971 – The defense of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika from an FBI assault in Mississippi
  • August 21, 1971 – George Jackson was assassinated in San Quentin prison
  • August 8, 1978 – The bombing of the MOVE family by Philadelphia police

Are all these dates and events in August a coincidence? I do know that Black August is the month of Resistance and Persistence to Progress Black Liberation. The struggle and strategy continue until Liberation, defined as owning and controlling your destiny and passing it down to the next generation and generations beyond.

“We must prove our predictions about the future with action” – George Jackson

Davu loves K.eeping A.ctions S.trong A.nd I.ntelligent and having a Black Wife makes him Smile. While pouring libations to our Ancestors known and unknown, he is practicing Black August and attending Moshood fashion shows. To reach Davu to curate Cultural Empowerment experiences dm him on IG @dahvoo or email

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