There was a time when our use of words were governed by a set of rules we came to respect as good  grammar and syntax; so in our speaking and writing we gradually learned to interpret and apply those rules to communicate our thoughts, ideas and intentions. The need to communicate successfully or effectively provided the impetus for us to learn those difficult rules of grammar and syntax, allowing us the latitude to frame an argument with clarity, specificity and accuracy. We knew from very early that the doors to any leadership and professional opportunity would only be opened to those of us who could represent ourselves linguistically.

Those of us who’ve had this exposure are usually awe struck, dumbfounded and flabbergasted when a perceived leader (whether they are politician, pastor, social activist or whomever) dares to stand up and, like a five or six year old say the “DARNDEST THINGS.” Example, “I could stand in Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any of my followers.” (Now I’ve insulted a whole bunch of five and six year olds to make my point). But, had a six year old stood up in any of our Public schools and said they’re going to shoot somebody in the classroom, the entire school and its environs would be evacuated by the FBI, TTF,ATF and every branch of first responders, on and off  duty.

So, do words matter? I have to guess it depends on who you are. If you’re Donald Trump spewing inflammatory WORDS about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue without serious and career ending repercussions, then WORDS don’t matter at all. On the other hand if your six year old child says something about shooting someone in school – those WORDS would matter, your whole life and that of your child would be totally DISRUPTED. Then, your child will bear the pejorative label of – DISRUPTIVE! While you ponder that brutal lesson in entrenched, institutionalized racism, allow me to reprise my introductory words, “there was a time when our use of words were governed by a set of rules we came to respect as good grammar and syntax; so, in our speaking and writing, we gradually learned to interpret and apply those rules to communicate our thoughts, ideas and intentions.”

Words do matter and the way we know this, is that whenever a significant world leader says something negative about their currency or the state of their nation, world markets experience convulsions – WORDS create and convey moods, moods affect emotions and the results are either sadness or gladness. In the last four weeks we have been experiencing nothing but SADNESS, the new (P) resident in the White House who has never learned the rules I shared with you, has been nothing but DISRUPTIVE. As a result, his ratings are SAD; 54% of Americans believe he is making America SAD; this makes the rest of the entire world SAD.

I am now truly convinced that the usage of certain words should be seriously reconsidered, one such word is DISRUPTOR. You might have noticed that recently several captains of industry – Tech, Music, Manufacturing and now politics, refer to themselves as DISRUPTORS because they’re shaking things up, creating new trends, so innovation and disruption should now be seen as almost synonymous. Just because a Harvard guy says it, doesn’t mean we have to buy it. Why do I say that?  I do so because dysfunctional, tyrannical and corrupt people can and do DISRUPT without putting something new in place – the result, chaos and sometimes anarchy. But read what Harvard business School Professor and DISRUPTION Guru Clayton Christensen has to say, “A disruption displaces an existing market, industry or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile. It is at once destructive and creative.” With due respect to Prof. Christensen, its guys like him in his ivory tower whose influence not only disrupts businesses but the lives of workers as well.

Obama Care displaced, nothing new or more efficient in its place – DISRUPTION or DISRUPTIVE?

Muslim ban, immigrants displaced – nothing new, nothing efficient – DISRUPTION or DISRUPTIVE?

International allies, Diplomatic partners – torched, burned, nothing new – DISRUPTION or DISRUPTIVE?

Should I go on? Don’t be surprised therefore if everyone exercise’s their right to be equally DISRUPTIVE.

Providing a dysfunctional Donald Trump with a new complicated concept to deal with – the title of DISRUPTOR, will place the burden on us to pray unceasingly – may GOD help us! Yes sir, you are not only a DISRUPTOR but more disturbing, you are increasingly more – DISRUPTIVE! My message to all you DISRUPTORS, who do so for your own aggrandizement and supremacy – GO TO HELL!

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