Welcome to the Dream Shop Martine’s Dream

Debbie Hardy, Owner, Martine’s Dream – Photo Credit: Dar Rizer

I have known Debbie Hardy for over 21 years. We first met through a mutual friend while I was establishing my reputation as a NYC promoter. My first impression of Debbie was that she was stunning. It wasn’t just her outer beauty; it was the fact that she had an amazing energy that just pulled you in and held you in her presence. That same energy still courses through her today, which is probably why she has barely aged. There is something to be said for someone who dares to live their dream and doesn’t succumb to fear or self-doubt. Debbie exudes joy, positivity, warmth and just all-around good vibes. To know her is to love her and to watch what she has created with her baby, well, all I can say is “Amazing”.

Photo Credit: Dar Rizer

Debbie Hardy is the creator, chief happiness officer and all around magical being behind Martine’s Dream, a clothing store like no other, located at 681 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Looking for a special piece to wear for that birthday turn-up or need something special for a gala, date night or just for that afternoon stroll? It can all be found at Martine’s Dream.

Photo Credit: Dar Rizer

For my brothers, don’t worry, there is something special for you there too. Debbie thought of everything and she has poured and continues to pour her love, her heart and soul into her “Dream Shop”. If you’re looking for a shopping experience where you will be treated like a star, then this is it. There is a saying that I grew up hearing, “Like attracts like” and in the case of Martine’s Dream, Debbie has managed to attract a team of individuals who exude the same energy she puts forth, so even if Debbie isn’t there, you will be greeted with that same warmth, that same good vibes, that same energy that will leave you feeling like a million dollars after you leave the store.

Photo Credit: Dar Rizer

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website www.martinesdream.com, sign up for their mailing list and follow them on social media: Instagram @martinesdream.


Martine’s Dream is located at 681 Nostrand Ave. between Prospect Place and Park Place. Call (347) 750-7668 for hours of operation.

Photo Credit: Dar Rizer

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