1. Does she have world experience?
  2. Has she travelled the world?
  3. Has she served her country with distinction?
  4. Does she have the respect of foreign leaders all over the world?
  5. Does she have great communication skills?
  6. Has she been a successful Senator?
  7. Does she have experience in the White House?
  8. Does she understand how government works?
  9. Did she serve her constituents in New York with distinction after 911?
  10. Did she begin her career in public service helping the poor?
  11. Has she proven to be an outstanding advocate for women’s rights?
  12. Did she handle her husband’s infidelity with dignity and restraint?
  13. Can she debate, or what?
  14. Is she smart, resilient and tough?
  15. Does she ever give up?
  16. Did she convince Bernie to join her campaign?
  17. Did she put aside her bitter loss to Barack Obama and work for this country?
  18. Has she demonstrated the stamina necessary for this job?
  19. Is she human?
  20. Is she imperfect?



  1. In his 70 years what has he done for our country?
  2. What experience does he have in public service?
  3. Has he ever volunteered to serve his country?
  4. Why did he have multiple bankruptcies?
  5. Why did he call Mexican criminals and rapists?
  6. Why does he mock the disabled?
  7. Why did he say he could stand on 5th Ave shoot someone and it wouldn’t affect his support?
  8. Why does he refer to Black people as “The Blacks?”
  9. Why did he ask for the execution of the Central Park 5 even though they were proven innocent?
  10. Why did he say if Black Lives Matter, then go back to Africa and see how much they matter there?
  11. Has he embraced Alt-Right groups?
  12. Has he openly rejected the Klan?
  13. Do world leaders respect him?
  14. What’s his fascination with Putin
  15. Who are his investment partners in Russia?
  16. Who does he owe money to in China?
  17. How will his corporation benefit if he serves as president?
  18. Will we ever see his tax returns?
  19. Will he make America great again by making his products overseas?
  20. Who is he? Is he a Manchurian Candidate?