The longer I am alive, is the more exciting and interesting life becomes. To many this mood of optimism might seem questionable or even strange; after all, aren’t we supposed to become jaded and disinterested as we grow older? The answer is no – and as long as I am alive, I am devoted to convincing you, that life can continue to be exciting and interesting, for as long as you are alive and are willing to keep an open mind.

I just had a conversation with an old friend who recently had a serious surgery and, the point that stood out in our conversation was when he said that, after observing his father’s obstinacy regarding his own health, he decided to open his mind and consider all available options open to him. His father might have perished because of stubbornness, but my friend is alive because he opened his mind to new alternatives. Sadly, we hold on to anachronistic beliefs, behaviors, customs and systems which no longer have a valid place in our post-modern world, but they somehow offer comfort and a mistaken sense of security. Those outmoded beliefs create for us a comfort zone, which should be more appropriately called a “death zone,” because that is where we begin to ossify and die.

While we’re having this conversation, too many of us are still dumbstruck, depressed and downright disbelieving over the recent election results. I, like you, was dejected, upset and disappointed but, I live by my rituals and my rituals demand that every day requires a re-set, a re-program and re-ignition. What about you? Remember, if you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything, if you don’t have a belief system; you’re a victim of the system. So, for God’s sake believe in something, because that will put you firmly on the path to enlightenment, whatever that means to you; to me it means a heightened awareness of my life’s purpose and my relationship to the Universe.

One aspect of this time of the year that I find very puzzling is that Christians celebrate it as Thanksgiving, followed closely by the birthdate of the Christ; yet, do you know that more people become depressed, die of heart attacks and are more miserable than any other time? I am going to guess that the prospect of a Trump inauguration can only add to that misery. I am suggesting a way to cope and continue to love the family and friends who you believe voted for him. The steps require your participation, you are at a turning point, it’s either you choose to Move Forward or Stay Backward, is that such a hard choice?

So step one is: Open Mindedness, I might even go further to use the original Bruce Lee suggestion he gave to his students; he suggested they empty their minds before he instructed them. I already know that some of you reading this might find this a little different from your belief system, but, what do you have to lose by trying this? It’s not an easy exercise, it requires practice and some discipline, just about the same amount of discipline it takes to clean out your clothes or shoes closet that are so full, that when you open the door you start an avalanche. Get my drift? Your head is so full of stuff, it oftentimes needs emptying, and that also opens up the mind for new and more useful information.

Only when the circuits are clear and the mind free and open can the Re-set begin such as: new and better choices in your relationships/friendships, lifestyle, food choices, healthy living, and self-development. Be mindful of course of saboteurs, the minute you begin a positive Re-set they come out of the woodwork, so your Re-set should preferably be in a supportive environment, if you don’t have one, find one. Bear in mind that we all are going through a learning process in our journey through life and that process requires self-work, emphasis on WORK! Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Sorry, life doesn’t work like that. As one writer puts it, endure “short term pain for long term gain.”

The re- programming process requires that you sit down to determine exactly what YOU want for yourself. Is it security, stability, a better education, a better job, a better income, more productive relationships, a new apartment, your own home? Whatever it is, your affirmations should be written in a clear descriptive and detailed, but practical manner. Be realistic. Don’t wish. Visualize what you want. Plan for what you want and then work your plan. Write it all down and feed your unconscious/subconscious mind daily with the diet of your plan. That’s Re-programming. Combine that with quiet time for introspection, prayer and meditation, you’ll surprise yourself at the gains you make on your journey. Here’s the magic of all this: as you Re-set and Re- program your conscious and unconscious mind you set in motion something many people are unaware of – the powers of Decision and Intention are unleashed so forcefully that Re- ignition is immediate, you proverbially Catch Fire, you become unstoppable.

I wish you a Powerful, Healthy and Unstoppable life for 2017!

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