Why do you think we have taken the time and made the investment to provide this source of edutainment? The answer is simple; we believe that every community should have a voice and that voice should articulate the culture, opinions, hopes and aspirations of that community. When necessary, that voice could also be one of dissent or consent as the situation dictates.

As the publisher and editor of Whereitzat Magazine, an occupation I’ve had for the past 14 years, I have visited Cafés, Bars/Clubs, Restaurants, Supermarkets and many homes, not only to ensure the delivery of our publication, and to talk to people, but more so, to listen to what they have to say. So, I want to hear more from you – in writing. So talk BACK to me!

The discussions I shared, covered the spectrum of community life, politics, economics, community concerns, crime, discrimination and religion, and in every situation I make sure to listen rather than opine and I can assure you, I usually get an earful. I have met some of the most vocal, verbally aggressive, and opinionated people and some of the warmest, most thoughtful and supportive members of my community, both of whom make me proud. But, as of yet my lingering question and great concern has gone unanswered; why do communities of color generally remain inarticulate in addressing their dissatisfaction and displeasure in the public domain? And herein lays the paradox, in private we are the most vocal, dominating the agenda and the discussion. So come out of the closet, speak up and silence these bullies with YOUR pen because, “the pen is still mightier than the sword.”

So talk BACK to me, tell me what’s happening in your neighborhoods, your successes and that of your children, your concerns, hopes and aspirations. Announce your birthdays, anniversaries, new births, graduations complete with pictures. If you are an aspiring writer with something to say, say it in Whereitzat!

In the case of your letters to me, the editor, make them short and to the point, no more than 350 words, if you think your article is particularly informative or urgent, call 917 749 7613 or email me at

Please; I encourage you to return to READING BOOKS AND NEWSPAPERS, you are being tricked into relying on technology and social media which is an ever changing landscape, like that imagined oasis in the desert, constantly shifting. Stop chasing shadows. Please invest in READING AND MORE READING and you’ll never be left behind. Isn’t it unfortunate what they say of people of color, “if you want to hide something from them put it in writing – in a book?”

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